Server Rules

This is our official server rules. Please read! Ignorance does not protect against punishment.

  1. No Swearing
    Swearing is allowed but only within reason. Do not overuse swear words and NEVER use swear words directed at other players. 
  2. No Racism
    Keep all Chats, Skins, Builds and anything Nameable Appropriate 
  3. No Cheating
    Do not abuse bugs/exploits/glitches. These should be reported to staff through discord. 
  4. Do Not Grief
    Do not grief other players, claims, or the world and do not claim within 2 chunks of other players 
  5. No Advertising
    Do Not advertise anything outside of the Cobble-Core servers 
  6. Only English in global chat
    Outside of private messages, all Main chats should be kept in english for moderation purposes 
  7. Be Kind and respectful to everyone
    Staff have every right to uphold a rule to their standard 

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